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To remain competitive in a digital environment, organizations must foster a culture of knowledge, sharing and continuous learning. By offering your employees access to platforms, technologies and curriculums that will allow them to continually upskill according to emerging trends and technological evolutions, you stand to set yourself apart from the competition. Investing in broader transferable skills, such as management and digitals skills, is still a crucial part of future-proofing businesses.

The millennial cohort, in particular, are looking for job roles that come with development opportunities. One forward-thinking business using a robust learning and development model to attract top new talent is software company, ITX Corp. The result? New technologies and platforms are emerging at a constant rate and to cultivate an agile workforce, companies must ensure its staff are aware of new technological trends or developments to get the most from them, leveraging new platforms and methodologies to your organization's advantage.

Rather than focusing on particular companies or picking those it considers especially worthy, the Canadian government is encouraging fresh collaborations between organizations, marrying resources, infrastructure and commercial reach with cutting-edge cultures, products, services and innovations. It gives them more control over the online training process. Many organisations also facilitate training contacts with trainers for the employee development programme.

As a result, corporate learners have the power to create personalized goals and set milestones for themselves. This is not all.


How Digital Transformation Is Disrupting Learning

The power of VR, AR and Interactive videos are some more interesting applications for efficient immersive training. The recent advances in technology and communications have finally broken the so-called reach-trade-off, which means rich learning experiences can be achieved, irrespective of where the mentor and the learners are located at the same place or come from the same social class.

From learning and development to lifelong learning

Follow Us On. Gamification: Gamification involves incentives like badges, points, and leaderboards for the online training experience.

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Social Learning: This involves the maximum use of social media, blogs, and online discussion forums. Online mentorship programme: Online mentorship programs help in exchanging and providing corporate learners to share their experience, knowledge, and skills with the rest of the community.

Adaptive learning - how algorithms are transforming learning - LTSF2016

So from powerful experiences, we can engender perspectives. Two groups of students, one playing the role of doctors in a helicopter and the others being Superman, were tasked to find and help a child as they flew around a city in VR. Even after the experience, subjects who played Superman continued to show significantly higher levels of empathy than their doctors counterparts. This went to show how subtle VR experience design can create empathy on a subconscious level. In the latest wave of VR adoption, the service industry has started training retail, customer service, and insurance staff with basic social simulations.

Learning & Development Advisor - Transformation

As conversational AI progresses, we will very soon be able to simulate human relationships in immersive environments and train social and humanitarian workers, law enforcement officers and pretty much anyone who has to interact with humans as part of their daily jobs. We have barely scratched the surface of how Immersive Technologies will impact the way we learn throughout our lives.

As we create our immersive tools and our environments, they affect and design us in return. The medium is the message, and our medium is reality itself. With this future fast-approaching, ask yourself: What kind of reality will you build? An original version of this post first appeared in Tech Trends.

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Daniel Fraga VR Designer. Immersive tech and training go back 50 years, but how has that relationship changed? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.