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The open chest, shoulders back head erect posture you describe is I find the default when using my poles. I think the only way to decide on this would be to give them a try — I wonder if Heather and Alan would lend me a pair over a couple of days in the Lakes? Thanks for th review tho…. Fred, this is one of those products that you almost have to try before you buy because they are so different from ski style poles. I went through that same process myself. I was very skeptical at the outset, even looking for fault, and was astounded by the results.

If these poles have a commercial failing its that you need to learn how to use them properly which can take a while because you need to deprogram your old pole use habits. For example, there are a lot of subtle torso rotation and arm cadence nuances that can take a bit f time to take advantage off as you retrain your body to walk with the poles. Heather and Alan give out loaners to many people so if you are near Windemere I would phone them up for a visit.

Heather is amazing to talk to and always eager to provide training. There is no question the biomechanics of their design is a significant improvement over traditional poles. I have no affiliation with the company — just a happy customer. Pacer poles do work. But, most of the trails I hike are two narrow for two poles. I am not really convinced than using one pacer pole would help all that much. Nor do I want to spend a lot of cash on something I am not convinced of. Yes, planting a pole ahead of your feet does no good.

I usually plant it slightly ahead or even with my foot, allowing my weight to roll over it on levels, or, drag it behind me on upgrades, allowing it to help push up bit. Hi, As an owner of two pairs of PPs I can echo exactly what you say in your piece. They are fabulous and for anyone with physical ailment I would say that they are worth the money — and certainly worth a try. I have hike s of miles with them, including some very technical Alpine and Scottish mountain terrain. They are in my opinion perfect and their ability to improve posture and even at the end of a long mountain day, you feel capable of carrying on and your levels of physical fatigue are much less than with other pole design-types.

Perhaps their greatest strength is in helping you maintain balance and poise on descents. I also took a nasty fall while running and had two fractures in my ankle and all sorts of stretched out ligaments. Along with a series of daily stretches designed to work your IT band, the biggest change I made this year was weight training. When I was in high school and college I was involved in a lot of sports and did a lot of weight training.

After my injuries last year my focus switched to dropping weight and working out my legs. As I train for what will be the longest hike of my life, my IT band and ankle are at the front of my mind. I drove myself crazy trying to fix ITB with stretches and weight training, yoga, braces, anti-inflammatories. I will defiantly look into it. I would endorse everything you say. I would never go back to ordinary poles. I paid for mine myself by the way and have no connections with the company. Do you use these all the time in the White Mountains even in the winter?

It seems like this is a much better product. Just curious. Heather and Alan have had many discussions with Leki and MSR about licensing the grip to, but those manufacturers decided not to go ahead, despite glowing reviews from independent testers that they hired, because introducing poles with a different handgrip system would discredit all of their existing products and because Pacerpoles do require training and behavior changes to use properly. Winter walking with heavy footware looks a lot less like hiking and more like walking like a mummy — leading with a distinct hip thrust rather than a knee extension.

An update here. I have now used my Pacerpoles for an entire winter hiking season and absolutely love them. In addition to all of the benefits described above, they are also available with a neoprene overmit for winter use which keeps your hands warm and helps minimize thenumber of gloves you need to carry on winter hikes. You can read about them here. Very interesting discussion, Phillip.

How can I improve my posture? | Parts of the Musculoskeletal System - Sharecare

No particular physical problems, but like the power I get from them uphill, and the stability on downhill. Might give pacerpoles a try.

The grips are shaped so ergonomically and wonderfully for my hands. Last March, I fell down a mountainside while hiking with the grandkids and received multiple fractures in my right wrist.

Posture Pole

Holding the Pacerpole seemed to keep all the parts in the right position and allowed me to finish the hike with far less pain than I was experiencing without the pole. I got used to antishock with my Lekis and prefer that extra give on bare rock because for me, it helps keep the tips planted in those circumstances.

It sounds like you fell while using pacerpoles. Was it while you were going downhill? I plant my current poles fairly far forward going downhill, but have fallen sideways a few times.

using the posture pole

The grandkids and I gave the other family some of our gear to help keep the shivering young girls warm and we all descended together. We lost the poorly marked trail in the storm and were having to negotiate a series of steeply angled rock ledges to get back to the trailhead. There was one problematical jump down about two feet. The bare rock was very slick from the rain and also mud had been washed out in places.

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They squirted out and I crashed uncontrolled forward and onto my right side into the rocks. Are you all right? I finally got onto my back and the only way up was to extend my injured wrist to her husband.

As it turned out, the radius was split on the end and one of the wrist bones was in three pieces. That was the final difficult spot on the mountain and I used the Pacerpole the rest of the way down without undue pain. The man we helped was a hand therapist and once we got to the parking lot, we made a splint with SAM splint material I had and an Ace bandage.

Have you had any problems with the grip angle interfering with pitching any of your shelters? He has photos of a half-dozen different shelters all pitched with pacer poles. My Tarptent Double Rainbow is free standing when pitched with hiking poles run horizontally at each end.

Nordic walking includes lightweight poles to add upper-body sculpting to your trek

I do not see it gripping a Pacerpole, however, I rarely got that thing to properly grip my Leki poles either user error. As far as the Pacers being Posture Poles, I watched the videos on their site when I got the poles and have strived to walk in the way they recommend, which is quite upright with my chest out and the poles being used at my side rather than placed ahead of me.

Philip, what do you use when you do your bushwacking trips where you seem to use your hands from your posts use of gloves. I am really intrigued by the Pacers, but whether hiking the Wonderland trail or the West Coast trail I find being able to slide my hand to where I need it for big ups and downs is really important…and hence my use of a single bamboo hiking stick. What is your sense of using Pacers or any pair of hiking poles when on very uneven trail or bushwacking?

On bushwhacks, all poles can be a nuisance.

How to use your Posture Pole

But I still tend to prefer having them than not because I usually have to hike to the bushwhack start and they do make pretty good probes on occassion. Excellent,updated review Philip. I bought a set of Pacerpoles because of you and am just as happy.

I agree wholeheartedly with Ben sustainpath. Am now in training in the Yorkshire Dales and looking forward to getting out to the Lakes and Carneddau. I was introduced to pacers by a customer of ours and as soon as I had them in my hands I was off like a rocket! I was utterly amazed at the difference they made. Thank you very much for this cogent analysis. I have been using Leki poles since I actually still have the same pair and going strong.