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Lane finds Waddell abuzz with reporters chasing a story that hits close to home. Although she doubts the validity of the men's claims, Lane knows what her father has been capable of. When Lane disappeared one night for several hours, suspicions were naturally directed at the troubled boys.

Despite Lane's denials that anything sexual had happened, the student who Neil Fielding suspected of taking his daughter and doing Lord-knows-what with her was never seen again.

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With this development, press attention goes national. When Annalee disappears days after Susanna, Lane finds herself drawn into the investigation, wondering if the town has decided she must atone for the sins of her father. Daryl's brother was once a resident of the boys' school, and Daryl has come to Waddell to find out what happened to him there.

Like Susanna, Daryl has befriended Talley, who I found to be the driving voice behind this story. Maybe it's because she's always in the scene, being told to be quiet while the adults talk or to go get a snack while Mommy speaks to the policeman. Talley is wiser than her years, and even though the school for boys is closed, she wants to be like her mom and leave food for "the boys who run. Based on its quality, I'm not surprised she has previously won two Edgar awards. Her writing is reminiscent of the work of two of my favorites, Michael Koryta and John Hart. This novel is Southern Gothic at its finest, featuring flawed characters you empathize with because Roy makes you understand their motivations as authentic, although misguided.

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It made me nostalgic for the days when my mother would spread creamy pink Calamine lotion on mosquito bites I'd scratched until they bled. The present offers unexpected twists and plenty of action or, at least, plenty of shooting. Segura portrays Miami in impressive detail.

Want to see where Pete interviews a homeless man? I also enjoyed the snapshots Segura provided of the supporting characters.

Island Intrigue

For me, there was just a little too much of everything. Maybe points are due for verisimilitude—getting around Miami is energy intensive—but my eagerness to relive that experience on the page is limited. And when Segura brings in characters from his earlier books, like FBi agent Andrew Harras and Pete's ex-wife, Emily, series fans might enjoy hearing their histories again, but a first-time reader like me doesn't, for instance, need to know all the ups and downs of Pete and Emily's failed relationship to appreciate the significance of Emily's new husband, a low-level drug dealer, being murdered.

Dangerous Ends is a well-constructed novel and its foundation is solid. Segura successfully ties together the diverse threads of the story, bringing a complex plot to a satisfying resolution. I think its strengths would shine through even more if some of the excess were pared away. Stealing from the Scorpions—local meth-cooking bikers—seems like easy money, but mixed in with their drug money is an investment from Sister Tulah, a fanatic who preaches salvation through abuse.

And once she discovers who robbed her, she is prepared to baptize them all with fire until she gets what is hers. Having grown up in rural north Florida myself, the small-town life in Lightwood feels real and familiar.

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I found her depictions of long, sticky days and local wildlife especially vivid. The bird rose in discontent, its claws empty. But with some narrators only having small sections, not all of them felt necessary, and the frequent point of view shifts sometimes worked against the story. In addition, near the middle of the book Judah learns roughly the same information earlier presented by Jack. Judah and Ramey are a sort of Romeo and Juliet in a Bonnie and Clyde world, but the structure limited how much time the reader could spend with them. I look forward to seeing what Post does in the future.

Jessica Borsi lives and writes both in Miami and on a farm in the Panhandle. Horses with long odds and questionable records have been winning races and big money. Even though their blood appears clean, Fia and her new boss at the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau suspect widespread doping. A cloud bank was building on the western horizon, gray, ominous, and heading my way.

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When I let her loose on the backstretch, she stretched out as smooth as glass. She is likable, wry, and determined. You know they played us against each other? In addition, Hill draws compelling pictures of the rebellious daughter Jilly and the racehorse Last Call. Some of the names—especially the villainous horse trainer Serpentino and the horse-loving groom Angel—felt too on the nose, which would have worked if Hill had subverted expectations more.

Fia sets out on multiple investigations simultaneously with lots of action, but this also causes the book to feel overstuffed. The focus often shifts between the plots at chapter breaks, perhaps aiming to keep the reader guessing, but with so much at stake in the late going in particular, the effect edges toward being more exhausting than exciting.

Events that would have been compelling on their own—kidnappings, escapes, late-game revelations—are doubled, even tripled, across the last third. And perhaps because there was so much to handle, the resolution relies too heavily on coincidence. Sasscer Hill gets her projected new series off to a promising, if overly complicated, start with Flamingo Road , with a strong female protagonist, a generous helping of horse racing intrigue, and a satisfying game of good versus evil.

Worse, the deeper Jack digs into the case the more apparent it becomes that Isabelle and those close to her are never quite telling him the whole story about her past or her present. With a man. The writing is light and fast, filling in necessary backstory for new readers without dwelling too heavily on areas that longtime fans will be familiar with. The way the points of view answer and build on each other helps show all sides of the case as they unfold.

However, this choice did occasionally undercut the tension as the reader learns crucial information ahead of some characters which can undercut surprises. Tragically, a shotgun blast ended their road trip in Louisiana.

A job opportunity has brought Peter, a geologist, and his wife from New York to small town Florida. Peter has been hired to test the land upon which a new housing development will be built. What his tests reveal is that the land has an incredibly high risk of sinkholes, thanks to underground limestone mining. Regardless of the results of his tests, the development is going ahead as planned.

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  8. Town officials will get rich, and when the homes start disappearing into the ground, Peter will take the fall, thanks to falsified documents. Everyone in Wobbly is in on the scam, with the obvious exception of the Puglieses. Oh, small town America. Luckily for Peter and Mary, Serge, in addition to giving to his favorite movie the ending it deserves, is on a mission to find out where the American Dream has gone and is confident that the answers lie in the small, rural towns of Florida.

    As the Puglieses will soon find out, Serge is a not-so-reluctant hero to those who are wronged, evidenced by the way he intervenes after witnessing an incident of road rage. The woman is followed home by the enraged man, who is followed by Serge and Coleman. Serge intercepts the man as he accosts the woman and her terrified children on their doorstep:. Coconut Cowboy is the side-splittingest entry in the Serge A. Storms library. With each book comes a new mission for Serge, and giving Easy Rider the ending he believes it deserves is the most Serge-appropriate mission yet.

    In a literary landscape in which, in my opinion, novels with recurring characters have become predictable, stale, and lacking in suspense, Dorsey manages to keep Serge and his methods fresh, drawling upon current events that are seemingly exclusive to Florida in their zany unbelievability.

    Nicolai Gorev, a Russian mobster, uses bar girls to run a credit card fraud scheme.

    Once there, the men are overcharged for rot-gut vodka and wholesale champagne to the tune of thousands of dollars. Nadia Delova, one of Gorev's bar girls, falls for one of her marks and accepts his marriage proposal. The only problem is that she and the others are essentially indentured servants, working off the costs of their passage to America. Knowing Gorev will not forgive her debts easily, Nadia enlists the help of Solomon, hoping the threat of legal action will frighten Gorev into returning her passport, paying her back wages, and letting her walk away from Club Anastasia.

    She's wrong.

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    The Russian accuses Nadia of working for the government and threatens to kill both her and Solomon. While Gorev is focused on Solomon, Nadia pulls a gun, kills Gorev, and flees through a hidden door, leaving Solomon behind to face Gorev's thugs, who hear the gunshot and come running. Barricaded in the office, Solomon picks up Nadia's gun and calls With Nadia on the lam from Gorev's mobster buddies, there is no one to corroborate Solomon's story, leaving him on the hook for the murder.

    Solomon scoffs at the idea of being defended by Lassiter. And when approached by Lord, the moralistic Lassiter makes it clear that he's no fan of the showy Solomon, whose approach to law is, "If the facts don't fit the law, bend the facts. Lassiter reluctantly accepts, on the condition that Lord assist him as co-counsel. As Lassiter reaches out to his contacts in search of Nadia, Lord uses more delicate methods to try and ascertain the bar girl's location.