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It may be the first job for a college graduate or trainee in a profession such as engineering, accounting, IT, etc. In large and mid-size organizations, work experience is often acquired through an internship program prior to employment. On-the-job training may be offered. In entry-level positions, also known as staff roles in some professions, employees work under supervision on routine tasks. Some examples of entry-level job titles are a computer programmer, sales representative, staff engineer and staff accountant.

Intermediate or experienced-level workers may work independently or under supervision. Jobs require some problem-solving skills, ingenuity and responsibility. Work-related experience, specific skills and professional degrees are often required.

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Some examples of intermediate job titles are intermediate software developer analyst, staffing support specialist-intermediate and statistician intermediate. First-level managers lead first-line employees in production, sales, service and other work units. College graduates with two-year associate's or four-year bachelor's degrees or graduates of a trade school qualify for this first level of management. First-level managers need to cultivate an environment that keeps workers motivated. The performance of first-level management has a strong influence on the company.

Some first-level management job titles are office manager, crew leader, shift supervisor, department manager and sales manager. A general manager, regional manager, divisional manager and plant manager are all examples of job titles within middle-level management. Middle-level managers support, motivate and assist first-level managers and report to senior or executive-level managers. Middle-level managers are deeply involved in the day-to-day operation of a business and have a comprehensive knowledge of their field of specialization.

They supervise small or large groups of employees in departments, divisions or business locations. Middle-level managers may be promoted from first-level management or hired from outside the company. The top management team in an organization is responsible for the overall performance of the business. They set organizational goals, make major corporate decisions and report to shareholders. I've learned a lot from him and there are some brilliant insights. I would recommend you read this book to learn about how to discuss behavior as a middle manager. He brilliantly outlines how to give feedback good and bad , keep in touch without being a micromanager, help your direct reports learn new skills, and delegation.

But there are two flaws that keep this from going to five stars and will just barely keep it off my list of highly recommended books. First, he says to not talk much about their emotions. That's not the manager's job.

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Just get results. I almost agree. The job is to get results. But you will find some barriers to performance aren't tactical, they're emotional. The second is that he devotes an entire chapter to proving that managers can't be friends with their direct reports. He sets forth multiple situations and asks "tough" questions to show all the problems it creates.

But he defines friendship in a way that I think creates his own problems. So his situations are ones where your friend has given you information they shouldn't have or asks you for special assignments--and he literally says that friendship obligates you to do that for each other. That's not how I define friendship at all. So, be really careful when you read that section and ask yourself what you think it means to be a friend. I'd suggest that being friends with your direct reports can be harder work, should they make a special request of you.

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But it's not inherently bad. In fact, if you have the personal character to do the right thing when under pressure, then it's a huge leadership advantage more trust, clarity, motivation, etc. Feb 05, Bin rated it it was amazing. I just love it when I discover a great book exactly when I need it. That was definitely the case with The Effective Manager. Although it would have benefited me at any time in the last few years including BEFORE I started managing , now is the time when I really need to put these lessons into place.

Other reviews have made the point that this book focuses on management, rather than leadership, and some imply that there is a value judgment there. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure I buy into the dis I just love it when I discover a great book exactly when I need it. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure I buy into the distinction.

Reading this book brought all of that into sharp focus, immediately. I'm already reaping the benefits of Horstman's lessons, before I've put much into practice, just by having a clear, focused idea of what I need to do and how to do it. Dropping all the mental churn and extra cruft I had been thinking about has helped me to achieve focus through clarity. I'm in the process of rolling out the first few tools advocated by the book, and my team is already responding well. I've got a vision for how to handle my management responsibilities including augmenting or modifying a few of Horstman's recommendations and that, if anything, will do more for my ability as a leader than any amount of fluffy leadership training.

Tip: check out the Manager Tools podcasts.

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They've got an overwhelming amount of material, so the Manager Tools Basics is a great place to start. The discussion and color commentary really clarify why the tools are structured the way they are.

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Jun 25, Joe Robles rated it it was amazing Shelves: executive-shelf. This is really a great introduction to what it takes to be an effective manager. They use the term effective as Peter Drucker meant it and the title is obviously an homage to Drucker's seminal The Effective Executive.

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Like Drucker's book, this one should be required reading for those starting a path towards a business degree. The book is short and contains actionable items that one can begin implementing and a timeline for rolling out the full set of Manager Tools. For those, like myself, who ar This is really a great introduction to what it takes to be an effective manager. For those, like myself, who are fans of the podcast it is a nice refresher. For those new to Manager Tools, it is a good introduction.

They even included "There's a cast for that" which highlights areas where if you want more information, you can turn to their podcast. Thanks to this book I finally downloaded the Manager Tools app and relistened to the One on One's podcast as that is something we just started rolling out in our company. If you are a manager and wish to be better, I can't recommend this book enough.

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These guys aren't gurus selling you some "ideas" they had, they did the research. I did not realize how much work they put into testing One on Ones to find the best duration and recurrence 30 mins, once a week.

It is as quick read at about pages I took longer to finish because it was a review for me rather than new material, thus I read other books and if implemented will really change how good you are at your job and make you a leader rather than a manager. Dec 23, Alexander rated it did not like it. I'm having too many issues with this book to consider it useful Business has changed a lot over last 20 years and so did the office dynamics. While in the sixties it went without saying that a manager is an absolute unquestioned authority lording over the minions, so that the only acceptable response would be "Yes, boss!

Relationship between a manager and a subordinate has become more complex, with more power to the latter.